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The Back Story


Above are some of my trainings and influencers of how I approach my practice today, along with studies on the lingering effects of childhood trauma [CPTSD]. But over the years, the most influential, the greatest motivator, on our quest of/for, was knowing wholeheartedly, that at some point, no matter what we do, we can't ignore our need to connect with another --- Touch being the most Powerful resource available  --- in essence, pure [human] connection.


/ On the topic of sensuality, for me personally enhanced by poets, the creative side of life, and the unexplainable One.


Life has had me living in the USA, and the last 15 yrs back in Turkey, Egypt and Greece, with travels in between.


In the end, what I have come to learn, almost all, are just trying to find their way home, to feel at home within ourselves, another, and our environment. And so it is

This site is a work in progress: I will begin to include links, and videos  that may also help you on your journey. If you have questions, feel free to contact me, and I will try to respond in a timely manner. For general inquiries, please feel free to contact me at

In my effort to drive home the need for touch, do away with esoteric talk, allowing the human connection to come through, in everyday language, gave birth to Tactile-Intimacy, Tactile-Meditation, inTouch workshops.


Below are people who I believe cut through the fluff, speaking directly,  and share in depth what they know, not just theory. 

Exploring through art : 


Ryan McGinley, New York: Photography: selfies into modern art 


Orly Faya, Australia: Mental Health Therapist, Body Painter

If I had to choose one main topic: What is Touch Deprivation?

  • Brene Brown: a researcher, storyteller who has spent the past 2 decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy 

  • Esther Perel: a Psychologist know for her work on human relationships


The next few bullets, are about others who are along the same lines with inTouch group sessions / workshops

  • Sensate Focus, developed by Masters & Johnson leading the waya technique developed to improve intimacy and communication between partners around sex, reduce sexual performance anxiety, and shift away from ingrained, goal-oriented sexual patterns that may not be serving a couple. Masters & Johnson, were deemed to be the pioneers on the science behind Sexual Response Cycle. Of course it goes to say, nothing, especially on the topic of sex, goes without controversy 

  • Harry Faddis: 3 minute game [ interview on Somatic Consent .com ]
    Harry is the creator of the 3-Minute Game. in response to the aids epidemic He developed the game for a BDSM workshop, on power, surrender and intimacy, using concepts from 12 step program & Rumi

  • Betty Martin: Valuable resource for Wheel of Consent, which developed through the above mentioned 3 minute game.

  • Caffyn Jesse:  Sexological Bodywork & Intimacy Instructor, trainer for the professional, from whom the term, and not limited to, Voice and Choice resonated with me, since my continuing education is currently with her. 

  • Body Electric: Erotic based workshops



  • OMGYes: Science on Women's Pleasure: Research study, and paid for prerecorded videos, based on said responses of 20,000 women (I have not ordered the video at this time, so cannot claim their worth, but might be wort looking into)

  • Sex Positive Families : Resources on how to communicate with children for all ages, to help families raise sexually healthy children.


Research Studies on Sexual Health:


1. World Health Organization. Defining sexual health: report of a technical consultation on sexual health, 28–31 January 2002, Geneva. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2006 [1]

2. Wellings K, Johnson AM. Framing sexual health research: adopting a broader perspective. Lancet. 2013;382:1759–62 [2]

This page will eventually become it's own site. If you wish to support my efforts of including as much free information [that is in line with the simple ways of connecting with our basic human need of touch, learning to trust again], creating more personalized videos and promotion of inTouch workshops / Group sessions or to support my work in general, you can make your contribution through PayPal 

Thank you

Figen Bico

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