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Edvan Munch

Courageous Conversations

in person or online you have an opportunity to get real, to stop hiding - stop pretending -a time to Voice your -self loathing -your fears -your pain -your shame  -your anger

Get real -Get it Out - then Let it go

To breathe air into those stale places in our hearts, bodies, and awaken our own love for our own imperfectly perfect humanity.

It takes courage to choose transformation. Together, we create a safe space for touching on deep topics: Can't attend a workshop / session? 

'I paint sunflowers on my self-harm scars'


Amelia Halls was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and has struggled with self-harming since she was 14 years old. The 19-year-old archaeology student says she now paints on her body as “a replacement for self-harming” and particularly likes to paint sunflowers:

"I love the colour of sunflowers, I love the yellow; they're so bright, but I also love the fact that they follow the sun, because the sun is bright and I associate the sun with feeling better and being happy and the sunflowers follow that."

Posted by BBC: If you have been affected by any of these issues and would like support, the following organisations in the UK may be able to help you

Filmed by Elise Wicker

Produced and edited by Lily Freeston

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