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[ Dear travelers ]: my offerings are designed to allow us to make the most of our time together in a comfortable manner. Sessions are not priced by the hour, but by the flow of energy and connection through the various layers of sensuality [average session times for mid to fully integrative sessions 2 - 3 hours, up to 5] Please choose which approach feels best for you. To be discussed.


[ Dear residents ], dependent on personal situation, if you require multiple sessions, we discuss after initial chosen session (at full cost). If you are unsure; I suggest you schedule a consultative session which can also include a sensual massage without genital contact

Genital Massage is a beautiful way to honor your genitals instead of  treating them as an object for sexual arousal, and ejaculation. This session is good for men who wish to stay connected to sexual energy for as long as possible. 


For those who may have a concern for pre-mature ejaculation, or to prolong ejaculation in general,  we can incorporate, semen retention practices: learning to pause, breathe, incorporate a steady touch, and / or kegel exercises [contraction/release] if needed.

We begin with contact, connection, touch and breath, slowly integrating full genital massage which includes the perineum, anal opening, scrotum and penis. Full body massage is not included in this session.


Since people tend to hold a lot of tension in their buttocks, we can also start there. Gluteus massage also involves , anal opening, perineum, testicles penis. Starting from this position, should you and your body allow, allows you to experience prostate massage from behind and while lying on your back. 

I usually end the genital massage by sitting still near you, and will eventually leave the room, allowing you time to absorb the session and come back into your environment, slowly. 


For anyone who would like to have a prolonged session: You can also choose to end genital massage, by inviting me to cuddle with you, or sit and meditate with you, slowly come back into our environment together.


It's also a nice leeway to continue on with other intimacy practices, which can lead to vaginal penetration. The more time you allow, the more we can explore, connect, breathe and be present.

Price Guidelines allowing you to know my comfort range. Duration of session is determined by the flow of energy, not by the hour. 

  • Genital Massage: without prostate massage: € 250 - 350

  • For sessions leading to slow and intimate sex: € 950 -  1200

  • Comfortable session price for anything in between: € 550 - 850

Please choose all that are of interest to you : To be discussed

Genital Massage: full body massage not included

Full Body Erotic Massage incorporates genital massage as part of the treatment.

  • Full body massage allows you to feel the pleasure of touch all over from head to toes.

  • This session can also include prolonged cuddle session, and tandem body to body meditation practice.

Full Body Erotic Massage
tactile intimacy, body mapping, sensate focus, somatic experiencing, pleasure mapping
erotic non-sexual intimacy

Somatic Eroticism: The erotic landscape is vastly larger, richer, and more intricate than the physiology of sex or any repertoire of sexual techniques. “Eroticism Is Not Sex Per Se, But The Qualities Of Vitality, Curiosity, And Spontaneity That Make Us Feel Alive.” ~slowly increasing desire, longing, wanting ~in the anticipation of, or better yet, fully  taking in the moment without thought to the next. 

: allowing a more fluid interaction, standing, sitting, lying down, feeling our way through our time together. *light application of oil can help guide the way.


: Since this is a slow, mindful and sensual approach to intimacy, mutual contact is allowed.

The session usually begins with us standing closely, allowing us to move slowly, as if a dance between bodies, sensing energy, allowing breath and contact to lead the way. increasing the level of intimacy

Somatic Eroticism
So that I may get to know you better, please choose all that apply. Your choices below will allow us to better personalize your session
Please let me know if you have a problem with:

Please include your age, comments about your experience with sensual / erotic massage, and details about your intimate and / or general lifestyle that may better help guide your session.

Currently in Chania Greece: Wait list for Istanbul, Turkey and Cairo, Egypt


Thank you for your session request

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