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Genital massage includes the perineum, scrotum and penis. In this session you are lying on your back for the entire session, unless you choose to incorporate Tactile & Somatic meditation practices

a gentle light touch massage is applied , starting with head, face, neck, working down the body, eventually up toward the genitals, allowing us to slowly incorporate genital massage throughout the session

Genital Massage
Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy

Slow approach to Penetrative sex (Semen Retention):   This approach allows you to focus on the sensation instead of your performance, which is very easy to get caught up in when it comes to sex. It's about deeply feeling the experience as it happens, instead of trying to achieve some orgasmic goal 


This is a nice add on for men who can simply appreciate the sensations of slow and deep penetration, and or practice Semen Retention : Penetration begins slowly allowing you time to feel the fullness of penetration.  If you ejaculate during the massage portion,  through meditative breathing and connective practices we should be able to continue, but we never force or chase after anything to happen.

Genital Massage + Slow approach to Penetrative Sex [ To Be Discussed }


is  a nice session for men who wish to connect primarily to sexual energy as long as possible, incorporating semen retention practices -learning to pause and breath, for those who may have concern of pre-mature ejaculation, or to prolong ejaculation in general.

Full Body Awakening Massage includes full genital massage [anal opening, perineum, scrotum, penis]
Full Body Awakening + slow penetrative sex

Full Body Awakening Massage : Soothing and Comforting : Includes ayurvedic massage to help you and your body relax

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Somatic Intimacy: is an erotic meditative practice, a slow approach to sexual connection through pure physical contact, applying the principals of Taticle / Somatic Meditative Practices


This approach allows you to focus on the sensations of  physical contact and connection, and your sexual response cycle, deeply feeling the experience as it happens

As a general rule to all sessions, you are the primary receiver of sensual pleasure which includes genital massage and oral stimulation

Somatic Intimacy
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  • if you wish, details about your intimate and / or general lifestyle that may better help guide your session.

  • Adding any kind of personal message allows me to feel better about accepting your session request. Communication is essential to allow us both to feel comfortable.  


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