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Dear Gentlemen: In an effort to better understand me, and as to allow our online interactions to be more pleasant and haggle free, please take to read:

Please choose the style of session which appeals to you most. It allows me to know where your focus is. We can discuss after as needed

GENITAL MASSAGE: is a beautiful way to honor your genitals instead of treating them an as object for sexual arousal / desire / gratification 

Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy

A meditative and connective approach, slowly integrating full genital massage, not only allows the sensation of pleasure and pure enjoyment to radiate throughout the body,  but can allow you to connect to yourself holistically,  and aid in releasing mental and physical stress, pent up emotions and old wounds. 

Genital massage includes the perineum, anal opening -without penetration, scrotum and penis, applying gentle flowing movements, to inner thighs, abdomen and chest. 

For those who may have concern for pre-mature ejaculation, or to prolong ejaculation in general,  we can incorporate, semen retention practices: learning to pause, breathe, and / or kegel exercises [contraction/release] as needed.

Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy

Gluteus Massage: This position creates a momentum by stroking the outer surface of the butt, lower back and thighs, slowing working our way in. This position can be more comfortable for anal eroticism, especially for those who may feel a little shy, allowing you to let go of your inhibitions.


Easier access allows for more fluid movement between the fold of your butt, up and down the perineum, touching upon the anal opening, down toward the shaft of your penis [...] It also allows ease of access for application of oral sensations, and prostate massage [ if desired ]

This is an extension to Genital Massage session, not a replacement for. 

I usually end the genital massage by sitting still near you for a little while, and if I notice you are in a peaceful state, I will leave the room, allowing you time to absorb the session and come back into your environment, slowly.  Otherwise, you can feel free to acknowledge my presence, and we can back to our environment with some tactile meditation. 

For anyone who would like to have a prolonged session: You can also choose to end genital massage, with a cuddle session, slowly come back into our environment together.


It's also a nice leeway to continue on with other somatic intimacy practices, or a slow approach to vaginal penetration -The more time you allow, the more we can explore, connect, breathe and be present.

***Passive Vaginal Sensations and Penetration: This means, at some point during the session, I take the lead with me on top slowly taking you inside me, to heighten the connection.  You remain in a submissive position - You do not actively penetrate me***

Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy
Genital Massage

Full Body Awakening Massage incorporates genital massage as part of the treatment.

  • Full body massage allows you the feeling of being cared for through the pleasure of touch covering all over, from head to toe and back up again: front and back of body

  • This session also includes tandem body to body meditative practice in seated position

Full Body Awakening Massage

Somatic Erotica: The erotic landscape is vastly larger, richer, and more intricate than the physiology of sex or any repertoire of sexual techniques. “Eroticism Is Not Sex Per Se, But The Qualities Of Vitality, Curiosity, And Spontaneity That Make Us Feel Alive.” -Esther Perel

Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy
Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy

~slowly increasing desire, longing, wanting : fully  taking in the moment without thought to the next. 

Somatic Erotica allows the sensations of the body to awaken through slow mutual interactions of, touch, contact, connections of our bodies breath and energy in between, following the rhythm of the moment : allowing a more fluid interaction, standing, sitting, lying down, feeling our way through our time together.

Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy
Somatic Erotica
So that I may get to know you better, please choose all that apply. Your choices below will allow us to better personalize your session

Please include your age, comments about your experience with sensual / erotic massage, and details about your intimate and / or general lifestyle that may better help guide your session.


Thank you for your session request

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