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Sensate Focus
Sensual Massage:  lie down, relax, and allow the energy to permeate.
Sensate Focus: is a meditative and connective approach to physical intimacy & exploration - full body massage is not included

Tactile Meditation has us explore various ways to connect, eg.  hand in hand, back to back, hand on heart, and/or incorporating objects to help increase tactile inflow sensations. This is a non-sexual session. Client remains fully clothed : Your comfort level of touch will be discussed before we start the session

Tactile Meditation

Soothing Ayurvedic Massage, On it's own or to help prepare the body for deeper meditation: 

1.5 hour: Full body massage: full back of body [ to include legs and buttocks], foot massage, abdominal massage, head and face. 

1.5 hour Massage & Meditation:  back massage with acupressure along the spinal column as needed, with gentle thai massage to relax and open hips in preparation for seated meditation 

Massage & Meditation Sessions
So that I may get to know you better, please choose all that apply. Your choices below will allow us to better personalize your session
Please let me know if you have a problem with:

Please include your age - comments about your experience with sensual / erotic massage, and any comments about your intimate and / or general lifestyle etc ...

Based in Athens: Accepting waitlist for Istanbul & Cairo. Please make your selection below


Thank you for your session request

Dear Gentlemen, For first time clients, the sessions are designed, to allow us time to cultivate an intimate environment, slowly heightening the sensual experience, and connection /// Depending on chosen session, please allow 2 hours or more. Thank you. 

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