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Non-Erotic Tactile Touch, Meditation & Intimacy Sessions

Please use the contact form below to discuss any questions you may have, to include pricing dependent on your personal situation

Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy

Non-erotic touch practices are designed to help individuals and couples gain greater understanding of their bodies and how to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Our one-on-one consultative sessions provide a unique perspective on how to create a more meaningful connection with yourself and your partner.

"No matter what you do, your nervous system is always sending out and receiving and processing environmental signals and triggers. When you spend time with another person your nervous system begins to coregulate" Made simple through the below offerings

Tactile Meditation : in seated position, we explore various ways of physical connection and allow ourselves to just breath. positions include:  various hand in hand, hand on body, side by side, back to back positions.

Body Mapping: We explore the body through touch as we gently trace, in seated and prone position, identifying areas of pleasure/comfort, and areas where the body / mind might resist touch, while providing natural healing benefits


Cuddle Session: Spooning - Hugging - Embracing - Snuggling -  head on lap, while stroking your hair etc... Session aims to allow you to get comfortable with mutual physical intimacy, also aids physical, mental emotional health 

Non-Erotic Sensual Massage

Since the transition of my [AyurKi Therapy] practice, Meridian Line Ayurvedic Massage has been adapted to work in line with the principles of tactile intimacy, but continues to assist in rebalancing energy flow throughout the body, supporting the nervous system, lymphatic and digestion etc.., aiding overall health and quality of sleep, easing physical and mental tension, with more focus on allowing acceptance of touch in a non-intimidating and/or intrusive way -and at its core, will always remain. the feeling of being touched, beyond the body ...

These sessions can be consultative to determine your level of comfort with touch and intimacy or pure healing / connective sessions. Please set aside 1 hour per activity, which will also allow us time to talk for consultative sessions


Tactile Meditation / Body Mapping / Cuddle Session

  • 1 activity: 75€

  • 2 activities: 150€

  • 3 activities: 200€

Reduced payment options are available for  residents who have a history of sexual abuse, to include excessive emotional and mental stress: Pay what you can [minimum 25€ per activity is appreciated ] OR Pay it forward: above cost, to help pay for those who can't.

Please choose your interests

Thank you for  your request

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