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Although online sessions can never fully replace our human need for physical contact, it can offer an alternative to connecting with ourselves and others. They can also serve as an helpful introduction / consultation prior to in-person sessions, as well as a way to sustain connections after in-person meetings --- Online group sessions can also add a valuable element of shared vulnerability.

Online Sessions:


  • offers clients a safe, non-judgmental environment to express themselves as needed to relinquish shame and insecurities about their bodies, intimacy, sex and sexuality

  • can be beneficial for those feeling disconnected from their body or emotion

Somatic Focus: offers a helpful way to explore sensations through touch and connect more deeply with oneself, enhancing communication. Touch works directly with the nervous system, so it can help people feel safe expressing vulnerabilities 

To deepen into intimacy, vulnerability, and connection, we can practice maintaining eye contact.

Emotions: Online sessions can also be used to help people release emotions such as loss, grief, fear, anger, sadness, anxiety ...

Tactile Body -Breath Connectivity 

The initial consultation: begins with open dialogue to include tactile body-breath connectivity practices. Since I have a background in Healing Energy / Reiki : I find these hand positions are a good start to get in touch with yourself,  with focus Tactile Body/Breath Connectivity and creates a gateway for further exploration


on Sexual Health: Although we can receive pleasure from this practice, it is not a pleasure seeking, sexual indulgence practice: Rather, it allows us to tune into the wisdom of our bodies and all the sensations within, and/or expose our vulnerability. This self-awareness allows us to  experience and enjoy sensations through touch where least expected, and also helps us acknowledge less pleasant emotions, making room for them rather than avoiding discomfort.


Since I'm creative by nature, through ongoing sessions, we can explore inventive ways to confront, feel, explore and further expose yourself.

Please note that I am not a therapist, and this is not a counseling session: Our initial session is a paid consultation that gives you the opportunity to voice your true thoughts and feelings about yourself and personal situations in your life, and allows us to explore how you can better connect and communicate your needs and expectations.


For a limited time: Altruistic Payment Plan is available : 25 € / 55 € / 75 € / 125 € +++


Altruistic payment is primarily established for local residents earning middle wage incomes in Greece, Turkey, Egypt ---Please be honest with what you can pay OR maybe you are a generous person who believes in paying it forward assisting those who are on a limited income.

If you live in Greece, Turkey, or the USA you have the option for bank to bank transfer : Or else Payment is made via Paypal Link {USD equivalent to euro} [ Paypal account not required ]

Your Submissions has been received. Thank you

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