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: of body of spirit, Only I, am the great divide or unifier

divIsion:  is a mixture of energy healing with movements of ablution/ wudu: a ritual for Muslims of washing/cleansing, with water, before prayer -Incorporating various hands of prayer movements.


The song is from a Turkish Mystic/Poet Yunus Emre, Titled 'Come see what Love has done to me' : "I tried to make sense of the Four Books, until love arrived, and it all became a single syllable." ~Yunus Emre~


Sometimes when I'm at a loss, and words fail, I turn to my artistic creativity This is a portrayal of: in her world, a loss of innocence, a purity, her mind. A  struggle with her religion / faith / humanity, and with her physical and spiritual sense of self


The red, which may not be apparent, since I didn't have the right tools at that time: is smearing of blood, [in lieu of water]

This video, created many years ago, in part of what I call 'reveal to heal' series, which included 'Traces Left Behind', which began to intertwine with various other life happenings during that time:

I have since removed any real evidence of that time, and most of which I couldn't reveal, but as we all know we can never delete our history, but hopefully have choices on how we move forward.

The Creative process engages all our senses, and can take you wherever you allow it to go.

to help me express the emotions and feelings I can't put into words. Art healing ART (Abuse Related Trauma) is a wonderful tool to help you work through difficult and painful experiences. Through creative expression, you can connect with and make sense of your emotions in a safe and nurturing environment. It can give you the power to heal and create a new understanding of your experiences. Art healing ART provides an opportunity to express yourself in a way that is unique to you, so you can find healing and peace.


Moving forward, I will be creating self videos for the purpose of:

Allowing the sensuality, a poeteic motion to come through, while extracting frames as individual portraits, as demonstrated above

I'll also offer individuals a way to get involved with artistic healing endeavors and I'm commissioning myself for artistic requests

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