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Erotic massage may not be appropriate for first time female clients with an undisclosed history of sexual abuse, trauma. To be discussed, or see below for alternative sessions.

Soothing Ayurvedic Massage, harmonizing energy flow throughout body / being, calming the nervous system, aiding in lymphatic flow. Gradually penetrating deeper into the body for an overall sense of well-being. If desired, integrating one to one Tactile Meditation [ simple forms of physical connection is applied ] & Touch Therapy: Laying on of hands in a steady meditative state along energy centers of the body (in prone and seated position) -  Allowing yourself to be, with all that is.

Depending on your choices, please allow 1.5 - 2 hours for your session. It's always best to arrive your session without feeling rushed to leave


Tactile Meditation - Sensate Focus - Touch Therapy/healing energy - [ Cuddle session; Optional ]: to simply Breathe & Connect.

Tactile Meditation: We incorporate simple forms of tactile connection, learning to keep within a stillness at all times / Touch Therapy: has you in the receiving position, laying down and/or seated / Cuddle session: because sometimes all we need is to feel embraced, comforted and safe --- It's always best to arrive without worry of time, at least 2 hours for any of my sessions. 


if your not sure which session is right for you, 1 hour in person consultation is available / 100 € - otherwise please feel free to write a detailed message, and we can have a brief phone call if needed. Thank you

So that I may get to know you better, please choose all that apply. Your choices below will allow us to better personalize your session
Please let me know if you have a problem with:

Please include your age - comments about your experience with sensual / erotic massage, and any comments about your intimate and / or general lifestyle etc ...


Thank you for your session request

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