Cuddle Session

Cuddle Session for women: Think of it like two best friends, sisters, mother/daughter, or any one you respect and feel safe with. That person to go to when you need a shoulder to lean on, or cry on, or just feel comforted.


Sometimes when we feel uncomfortable, we have a tendency to withdraw physically. Cuddle sessions allow for you to express thoughts, feelings, memories, anything that comes to mind, while remaining connected.​

In Essence: This is an opportunity to work through any fears or anxiety, you may have with physical connection. 


Cuddle session begins with tactile meditation practice, that gradually allows us to make contact with each other. 

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Sensual Massage:  Tracing the Body with focus on energy flow / no genital contact

Erotic massage may not be appropriate for first time female clients with an undisclosed history of sexual abuse, trauma. To be discussed


if your not sure which session is right for you, 1 hour consultation is available / 100 $

So that I may get to know you better, please choose all that apply. Your choices below will allow us to better personalize your session
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Please include your age - comments about your experience with sensual / erotic massage, and any comments about your intimate and / or general lifestyle etc ...


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