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Connective Explorations

Ways to connect - touch and be touched

Below is a general guideline: Workshops will slightly vary dependent on attendees, i.e., women only, mixed gender, couples etc ...


Level 1 : Participants practice non-sexual touch: beginning with Casual touch on to Supportive - Connective - Nurturing Touch and physical intimacy [nurturing holding / cuddling

To include: 


  • Meet and Greet Practices

  • Partner Tactile / Somatic / Meditative Connections

  • Body Mapping / Touch Exploration

  • Learn simple foot massage: Probably the simplest and most enjoyable form of safe connection with all human beings, while providing many health and psychological benefits. We can also incorporate full body dry massage where participants remain clothed 

  • Voice & Choice - 3 minute game: After experiencing some of the practices above : Voicing our wants and availing ourselves to another, allows us to be emotionally vulnerable, developing emotional intelligence 

  • intro to Body Painting: incorporation of body painting strives to remove any apprehension or goal oriented touch, on the part of the 'doer' by simply allowing us to touch another as a work of art

  • Closing

What will you gain?

-inSight to your own nature: The freedom to explore curiosities within agreed upon terms

-Learn to ask for what you want -how to avail ourselves to another without compromising our own values -finding the middle ground -saying no -change your mind -express discomfort -moving beyond predetermined boundaries -meeting our needs in the moment 


our personal growth doesn't come from just sitting alone in a room, but through our interactions with others, and with each person gaining insight into ourselves and enhancing our -relational Intelligence -emotional Intelligence -Body awareness

Non-goal oriented sessions: allows each person to have ones own experience, cultivating trust, the freedom to allow oneself to be as they need to be in that moment ridding ourselves of shame, fear, guilt

Non-goal oriented, doesn't mean there isn't a purpose, it simply means allowing the freedom for whatever needs to come through.

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