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​Hello, and thank you for your interest. I want to begin by letting you know, this is not solo work in a group. All activity is with a partner or as a group, alternating partners for groups of individuals. During the sessions, your voice is always welcomed, I am here to facilitate and guide.

Getting close to someone demands that we also get close to ourselves. That’s the nature of true intimacy. When our heart opens to another, it also opens to ourself.

*Touch excavates everything alive within us- including our unresolved shadow- in an effort to bring all that we are into the light of connection. It wants the whole of us to be present for the experience. It wants the whole of us to heal. Then our experience of intimacy is something more than a reach for the other. It’s also a reach for ourselves. Not merely a fleeting adventure between two souls, but a truly transformative journey towards wholeness


- edited with  permission from Jeff Brown,

Ways to touch & get in touch with ourselves and / others

Below is a general guideline. Workshops will slightly vary dependent on attendees, i.e., women only, mixed gender etc ...


Level 1 : Participants remain clothed / non-sexual touch, to include reflection, journaling, and group sharing

  • Guided Tactile Meditation

  • Guided Intro for Cuddle Session

  • Guided Touch Exploration

  • Learn simple foot massage: Probably the simplest and most enjoyable form of safe connection with all human beings, while providing many health and psychological benefits.

    [***for mixed gender groups or couples, to include discussion and demonstration on how it can become more erotic, which we can expand on in Level 2***] 

    [ Since most people don't truly know what they want, or what is available to them, the above guided practices
    help build a foundation, with the flexibility to adjust as you wish within agreed upon terms, in the below portion of the workshop ]

  • Voice & Choice - 3 minute game; Dialogue between attendees, learning to ask for what you want.

  • Closing

Video clip from Betty Martin, who developed the wheel of consent from the original creator of 3 minute gameHarry Faddis

What will you gain?

-inSight to your own nature: The freedom to explore curiosities within agreed upon terms: learning to discern what feels good, or not so good for ourselves


-Learn to ask for what you want -how to avail ourselves to another without compromising our own values -finding the middle ground -saying no -changyour mind -express discomfort -moving beyond predetermined boundaries -meeting our needs in the moment 


our personal growth doesn't come from just sitting alone in a room, but through our interactions with others, and with each person, gaining insight into ourselves and enhancing our -relational Intelligence -emotional Intelligence -Body awareness

Non-goal oriented sessions: allows each person to have ones own experience, cultivating trust, the freedom to allow oneself to be as they need to be in that moment ridding ourselves of shame, fear, guilt

Non-goal oriented, doesn't mean there isn't a purpose, it simply means allowing the freedom for whatever needs to come through.

*** inTouch Practice Partner Network : for those who wish to sign up as a safe practice partner with others who have attended the workshops ---- Retreat options to help support further practice alongside workshops, will be made available

Beyond Level 1: involves nudity, sensual massage, genital massage. Information to follow

Please submit your request below

Below are the two options to start your journey, which allow us to establish a good foundation to move forward with. For private gatherings, please write a detailed message on what you would like to explore.

Your request has been received. Thank you

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