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Stripping it all back

When you embark upon Body Painting Therapy, you come ready to shed. Willing to let go. To surrender to something greater.

The objective is to remove fear, inhibitions and shame while expressing ourselves freely and open-mindedly to appreciate and increase our extra sensory perception to embrace our flaws and be comfortable in our skin.


Nudity sets the foundation of how we feel about our bodies, a “healing” process for the body, mind and soul. We need to feel good about ourselves,  appreciate what we have and be content, even if we don't like all parts of our body', which is only one part. 


Nudity connects us more with compassion and humility and makes you feel connected, within and out - a duality we all live with and or at least experience. 

Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy Body Painting Art

Vulnerability & Trust

It's not often you hand yourself over to an (almost) complete stranger, take off your clothes and let them paint your skin!

Vulnerability is key to healing.  Trust is essential. The intimate nature of Body Painting therapy requires us to dive into vulnerability and establish a sense of trust. The physical vehicle for transformation leads our inner journey into unity

Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy, Body Painting, Art
Nafplio Athens Greece Massage Meditation Intimacy, Body Painting, Art

Being with WHAT IS

Body painting therapy is not about painting murals or anything predetermined on the body, its all about pure sensation of [ brush strokes, paint, temperature, texture / Sensate Focus ]


Life is not always comfortable, but if we learn how to breathe our way through it, resistance disappears. 

Inner peace is our most reliable sanctuary, and within, is what we are ultimately sharing with another, through any form we choose ...

* All Participants have the choice to uncover parts of themselves they wish to have painted, or slowly reveal themselves for full body experience, as they wish. 

Group Sessions are therapeutic, and participants are free to create and express without fear of judgement and pressure, sharing art as a tool for exploration, developing intimacy & trust in a non-sexual, respectable and safe environment. for healing lingering effects of sexual trauma, shame, insecucurities with -body image -self-image ...

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