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Liberation Gateway| A unique business model which combines tourismhospitality, real-estate investment, personal growth and philanthropy, will not only generate a significant return on investment, but also make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and the wider community.

The Vision of Paying It Forward: Cultivating a Continuous Cycle of Personal Growth and Collective Impact

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Tactile Intimacy: This service offers both erotic and non-erotic sessions to help adults reconnect with their bodies, themselves and others through human contact, touch and connection. The aim is to enhance physical, emotional and/or sexual intimacy.

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artSomatica: from its beginnings in body painting and photography, artSomatica strives to evolve into The Somatic Arts Institute [TSAI] to provide adults the opportunity to experience themselves and others through various forms of Somatic art.

We will also include classes to enhance sensory experience through other forms of tactile crafting, such as clay sculptors, pottery / ceramics, candle and soap making etc.. [ 
in turn allowing us to establish fundraisers items for orphaned children ]

Body Painting & Photography sessions will also allow me to create artwork for promotional and fundraising initiatives, to be sold at a small art shop [or in collaboration with already exists art shops], allowing for in person, genuine conversations with visitors.

Clothing-optional Nature Resort / Guesthouse: Clothing Optional Aims to accommodate freedom of choice. With a focus on nudist tourism, attracting visitors who appreciate the liberty of being nude, while creating a supportive environment of acceptance and non-judgement for all who enter.

The guesthouse will be the main source of raising funds to support many of our initiatives , including  dedicated space for artSomatica and Tactile Intimacy practices, workshops and trainings. 

Connecting People

Group Workshops: These activities would provide opportunities for individuals to learn and grow in areas related to tactile intimacy, artistic expression, and personal development, creating a network of trusted practice partners. 


Training: Training individuals will become an integral part of the program, creating a team of Intimacy Practitioners to help oversee initiatives, and become a presence at the Community Space Athens --- Freeing up my time for Artistic and Philanthropic Endeavors.


Philanthropic Endeavors:

A significant portion of proceeds will be allocated to establishing trust funds for orphaned children. At present I am hoping to establish a collaboration with SOS Children's Village, and researching other organizations. 

Since children are naturally curious / tactile learners, Many of my offerings for adults can apply to them. 


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in the end: is this not, what we as, adults seek to develop within ourselves, with the freedom to just be as we are.


Supporting orphaned children is the most natural way of getting in touch with our 'inner child' establishing a beautiful, nurturing, non-judgmental foundation to to explore our childlike curiosities -following our innate nature.

As I go through the process of researching suitable possibilities, scouting available real estate options, establishing a legal entity for trust funds, and more, more details and  better understanding of financial support required will be disclosed. If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a business partner, investor, or sponsor, please use the contact form below.


In the meantime, your generous donations will help support the various behind-the-scenes tasks, to include creation of websites, marketing, etc... involved in bringing this business idea to life. Your donations will also help support general living expenses, and workshops for people to attend without financial strain.  Thank you

Immediate Needs: Renewal of residency in Greece, amounting to 55,000 euros

This amount is essential to demonstrate sufficient financial stability for the next two years. With 50,000 euros, we can secure a rental space and begin operating on a smaller scale while allowing time for further development and expansion.

Your donation will not only contribute to the practical aspects of launching the Liberation Getaway but will also help create a nurturing environment where individuals can embark on this journey. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of many.

I sincerely appreciate your support in making the Liberation Getaway a reality. Your generosity will play a vital role in fostering personal growth, facilitating philanthropic initiatives, and creating a space of empowerment.

If you have an interest in becoming a potential business partner, investor or sponsor, please send me a message below. Thank you

Thank you for your interest. I will be in touch as soon as possible.

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