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As a trauma informed Intimacy & Sex practitioner, I offer erotic / non-erotic, body centered, hands on approach practices / sessions for all people who wish to:

  • experience pure sensuality sessions and/or cultivate intimacy for sexual health

  • explore / observe sensations of the body  identifying pleasure, comfort areas, and areas where mind / body might resist

  • diminish the lingering effects of sexual abuse & neglect [touch deprivation / isolation]

Trained through eastern styles of Ayurvedic & Thai Massage [and] healing touch energy practices, with ongoing Intimacy & Somatic Sex Education ~ available for anyone who feels disconnected from spirit, self and others -who have forgotten what it feels like to be in the here and now -who have forgotten what it feels like to 'feel'

Figen Bico

[individuals and couples]


Group Workshops


Training for professionals
[tactile meditation / massage]

white lotus
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