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Tactile Meditation | Somatic Intimacy | Sensual Massage | Erotic Massage | Chania Crete Greece
Tactile Meditation | Somatic Intimacy | Sensual Massage | Erotic Massage | Chania Crete Greece

Tactile Meditation : in seated position [ hand in hand - hand on body - side by side - back to back ] 

Somatic Meditation: Session aims to allow you to get comfortable with full body physical intimacy, aids physical, mental, emotional health.


Body to Body connectivity in essence; allows you to breathe again, feel safe and aides in emotional release. We introduce Somatic contact as a form of meditation, learning to align our bodies and breath. Hugging - Embracing - Snuggling - Cuddling  

Examples below are for Tactile / Somatic Meditation in Seated Position

Examples that include Cuddle Session


There are many ways to experiment with physical connection, and you are free to explore them with me. 


Clients can disrobe to the extent of leaving on their underwear. The only purpose of exposing as much skin as possible is for the natural healing effects of skin to skin contact: A wrap can be provided to allow you to remain covered but feel freer


What's Valid, Normal & Natural in a Cuddle Session


If you are seeking a more erotic / sexual connection, you should chose Somatic Intimacy / Slow Sex 

  • Time Frames provided are guidelines, not a definite. 

  • Ongoing sessions: prices can be discussed after the first session

Please choose guideline session that interests you the most.

Meridian Line Ayurvedic Massage assists in rebalancing energy flow throughout the body, [nervous system, lymphatic and digestion etc..,], acupressure is applied to further help release muscle tension if needed. .

Non-Erotic Full Body includes: Head, face, neck, upper chest, shoulders, arms, hands, abdomen, legs, feet, and whole of back of the body.


Light Touch Massage is integrated into this session : as well as Tactile Energy Healing session [  laying on of hands on various energy centers throughout the body ]

Ayurvedic Massage does not include genital massage: Please set aside minimum 2 hours

Thank you for  your request

Non-Erotic Meditative - Tactile - Somatic - Cuddle  Sessions

Non-erotic / Non Sexual touch practices provide a unique perspective on how to create more meaningful and safe connections - it can also allow you to connect with sexual sensations that may arise without acting on them - in can also transform your meditative experience - can allow for emotional release etc... There are many benefits that come through : simply by allowing the  beauty of, and the natural benefits of touch and contact to fulfil our need for actual human connection.

Non-Erotic Full Body Massage


Ayurvedic Massage
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