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Tactile Meditation | Somatic Intimacy | Sensual Massage | Erotic Massage | Chania Crete Greece
Tactile Meditation | Somatic Intimacy | Sensual Massage | Erotic Massage | Chania Crete Greece

Tactile Meditation : in seated position incorporating various ways of connecting through touch,  and - hand in hand, hand on body, side by side, back to back positions. 

Somatic Meditation: Session aims to allow you to get comfortable with full body physical intimacy, aids physical, mental, emotional health -Body to Body connectivity in essence; allows you to breathe again, feel safe and aides in emotional release. We introduce Somatic contact as a form of meditation, learning to align our bodies and breath. Hugging - Embracing - Snuggling - Cuddling  

** For 1 hour ongoing sessions, and / or consultation, reduced payment options are available for residents who have a history of sexual abuse, chronic emotional / mental stress with financial concerns. Please include a personal message. Thank you **

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Conscious Touch Energy Healing , Body Rubbing , Body Tapping :  Can be applied at various stages of Tactile Meditation practice :   help awaken the body and stimulate energy flow. Client remains clothed.

Meridian Line Ayurvedic Massage assists in rebalancing energy flow throughout the body, [nervous system, lymphatic and digestion etc..,], acupressure is applied to further help release muscle tension if needed. Providing the massage on the floor allows me to use my own body weight which is an added benefit for us both -allowing a more connective feel.

Non-Erotic Full Body includes: Head, face, neck, upper chest, shoulders, arms, hands, abdomen, legs, feet, and whole of back of the body.


Light Touch Massage is integrated into this session : as well as Tactile Energy Healing session [  laying on of hands on various energy centers throughout the body ]

We can include some form of tactile meditation in seated position, or brief cuddle session, as we focus on a few breath cycles to help you ease your way out of the session.

Ayurvedic Massage: Please set aside minimum 2 hours

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Non-Erotic Tactile / Somatic Meditative  Sessions

Non-erotic touch practices are designed to help individuals and couples gain greater understanding of their bodies and how to feel more comfortable in their own skin, provides a unique perspective on how to create more meaningful and safe connections to self and another - but it's primary purpose is to allow the natural benefits of touch and contact to fulfil our need for actual human connection.

Non-Erotic Full Body Massage


Ayurvedic Massage
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